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The Down Syndrome Coalition for El Paso was created by parents who have been in your shoes and understand the joy and challenges that are a part of everyday life with a child with Down syndrome. We created a medical committee and opened a preschool to provide you with resources and support.

Down Syndrome Coalition for El Paso
Every Little Blessing's Beginning

We formed a medical committee called Every Little Blessing’s Beginning (ELBB) to reach out to parents who have just given birth to a child with Down syndrome or just received a prenatal diagnosis. First and foremost, we offer congratulations. Our goal is to assist parents in looking beyond the diagnosis to help parents recognize the love, joy and delight their child will bring to their life.

In addition, we share information about resources in the community, facts about the diagnosis and what to expect, and any medical conditions to be aware of. Contact us to learn more about ELBB.

Every Little Blessing
Every Little Blessing Pre-School

One of our founding goals was to open a preschool that would prepare children with Down syndrome for success through an inclusive environment with developmentally appropriate curriculum. Every Little Blessing is a family-focused early education program that focuses on building skills and independence.

With a child-to-staff ratio of three children per staff member, children receive attentive care and direction. Open to children ages 18 months to five years, typically developing children are welcome and encouraged to enroll. Visit the website to learn more.

Down Syndrome Coalition for El Paso

We understand the unique challenges and concerns you face as you navigate parenthood with a child with Down syndrome. You aren’t alone. Our community is made up of families and children of varying ages, races, religious beliefs and socioeconomic levels. Explore the links below to find local and national resources.

Every Little Blessing’s Beginning
Every Little Blessing
National Down Syndrome Society
National Down Syndrome Congress
Paso Del Norte Children’s Development Center
Education Service Center - Region 19
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Down Syndrome Coalition for El Paso